Expression Map Converter updated to v1.0.1

Expression Map Converter updated to v1.0.1 containing minor bug fixes. Now available for download from your My Account page.

December 6th, 2017|Troubleshooting|

Composer Tools Pro v1.1.7 Adds Most Requested Features

New Features MIDI Kinetics always listens to feedback from our users. Composer Tools Pro v1.1.7 adds 4 highly requested features: 1. In Edit Mode, you can now have Composer Tools auto-assign the next available recall address. 2. In Prefs, you may now assign a global MIDI output channel. Note: Utility Buttons and Universal Faders are [...]

February 17th, 2017|Troubleshooting|

MK Connect Mac updated to v1.0.5

Details: - You may now manually set the launch delay time using a slider (1-30s). - App now launches with window closed so you don't have to manually close it on each login.

December 4th, 2016|Troubleshooting|

How to Set Up the iConnectMIDI4+

A great piece of gear! This configuration is for the most typical use case: 1 or 2 iPads communicating bidirectionally and a USB MIDI keyboard that only sends.

December 1st, 2016|Troubleshooting|

Current Lemur Memory Limitations and Device Compatibility

Recently, Liine massively increased the memory limit for Lemur projects. This is great news because a controller like Composer Tools Pro would have used all of Lemur's available memory. But there are problems... As soon as Lemur reaches ~70% of memory used, it fails. On older iOS devices, Lemur crashes. On newer ones, objects fail [...]

October 8th, 2016|Troubleshooting|

Understanding Lemur Targets: Getting MIDI In and Out of Lemur

Lemur Targets are message routers. They allow you to route groups of commands together so that they can share the same MIDI connection. You can think of them exactly like audio mix buses-- except for MIDI. What's great about Targets is that they allow you to separate out the [...]

September 15th, 2016|Troubleshooting|

Software Updates: Using an Upgrade Service

Occasionally, you will need to transfer your settings using a small module called an Upgrade Service. An Upgrade Service is just a temporary container to store your data so that you can transfer it between versions. Basically, you just drop it into your old version, press Save, copy/paste it into your new version, and press [...]

September 10th, 2016|Troubleshooting|

Software Updates: Transferring Settings to a New Version

Every MIDI Kinetics product comes with a container called "User" which contains all your custom settings and objects. Just replace the new one with your old one! Occasionally a product may have additional instructions, so please refer back to the knowledgebase. • Open your old version. Copy (⌘ / CTL + C) your [...]

September 10th, 2016|Troubleshooting|

Have an older iPad? Be VERY careful with this Lemur setting

As noted in the manuals, MIDI Kinetics requires that users with iPads older than iPad Air disable "Anti-alias Canvas objects" before attempting to upload projects to their iPads. It could cause a crash. You can find this setting in Lemur's "More Settings" page. That's fine, but what if you accidentally flip this setting back on, [...]

February 27th, 2016|Troubleshooting|