Composer Tools Pro

Expression Map Converter

Convert Composer Tools Pro presets into Cubase Expression Maps – and vice versa!
Free for all registered users of Composer Tools Pro.

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Note: requires Composer Tools Pro v1.1.5 or later.

Windows Users: The “reset slot” option can be found in the Edit menu.

Extra Features:

  • Automatically creates unassigned “reset” slots in the top position.
  • Edit labels.
  • Multi-edit labels: all keyswitches with the same name will be renamed.
  • Assign channels.
  • Auto-channelize.
  • Remove outputs: useful when using one articulation per channel.

Current Limitations:

  • One articulation “group” per map.
  • “Direction” slots only.
  • Text labels only.
  • No support for colors or the advanced expression map parameters: Length, Transpose, Velocity, Min. Pitch, Max. Pitch, Min. Velocity, or Max. Velocity