Composer Tools Pro v1.1.0 contains critical updates and is recommended for all users. You can download it by logging into your My Account page.


Introducing the Update Utility

Composer Tools Pro now comes with a small Lemur project called the Update Utility. It is required for updating to this version. The Update Utility is better suited for doing Composer Tools Pro updates than the standard MIDI Kinetics Upgrade Service modules.

Learn all about the Update Utility and transferring your settings in this new video posted to the Knowldgebase:



– Fixed certain recall addresses not recalling properly.
– Fixed Mac Lemur Editor crash when deleting the User folder.
– Moved the ThumbKey, Fader Space, and User Space to a new container called Custom_Areas, which allows for easier transfer between versions, and provides a common, localized namespace for putting custom variables and scripts.
– Created the Update Utility to transfer settings between versions.
– Memory Bank updated to v1.1.0.
– CT1 – CTPro Upgrade Service updated to v1.1.0.
– Project memory requirements increased by 1% to 34%.