New Features

MIDI Kinetics always listens to feedback from our users. Composer Tools Pro v1.1.7 adds 4 highly requested features:

1. In Edit Mode, you can now have Composer Tools auto-assign the next available recall address.

2. In Prefs, you may now assign a global MIDI output channel. Note: Utility Buttons and Universal Faders are not affected by this setting and will continue to send on their custom assigned MIDI channel.

3. If you hold down the Send Defaults button, you will now see a menu that allows you to suspend the sending of default values for different controller types.

Sending of default keyswitch temporarily suspended.

4. Character limit on preset titles has been increased.

Community Forum

In other news, the MIDI Kinetics forum is finally up and running!

You will see a new post entitled “Posting Guidelines and Style Guide” which should help you create presets for Composer Tools Pro that others can use.

Preset Creation Live Demo: Spitfire Albion One

And finally, watch the new live demo video of creating presets for Spitfire Albion One. You can find these presets available for download in the Community Forum.