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For technical support requests:

Please first consult the product Knowledgebase or Master FAQ to see if your question has already been answered.

Not getting a MIDI signal?

1) Please verify that your MIDI ports are in working order. An easy way to verify this is to create an empty Lemur project with a simple, single Fader. Try sending and receiving MIDI to your DAW on each port to verify that the Fader works.

2) Go to Lemur’s “More Settings” page and disconnect and reconnect your Lemur targets; it is always possible that the MIDI connection became corrupted. This is more common with WiFi connections.

Otherwise, please get in touch and we will gladly you help you out.
Most issues are simple routing issues, so we typically request that you send screenshots showing the complete MIDI signal flow:

  • Prefs/Connections Tab for all your products showing the Targeting.
  • Lemur’s “More Settings” page showing the MIDI connections for each target. If you use multiple tablets be sure to send screenshots from all of them.
  • MK Connect Connections tab.
  • All relevant Preference pages from your DAW showing the MIDI connections to Lemur. For example, for C_brains send the MIDI Device Setup page and the Generic Remotes. For MK Transport on Logic send the Control Surface window.

Lost your license key?
Click here.

Need a new download link?
If your product uses MKConnect licensing you can always access your files from the My Account Page. Otherwise, please contact us and include your transaction ID.

Upgrading from an earlier version and unable to register your product in MK Connect?
Check to make sure you are using the new license keys that are attached to the bottom of your purchase receipt. Do not use the old keys that you used to get your upgrade discount.

Technical support is offered online via email only.
Support requests are answered in the order they arrive, typically within 24 hrs.