C_brains 1.5

Powerful Cubase MIDI editor interface for Lemur

From thought to action, C_brains lets you focus on the music first. With over 1200 custom commands, C_brains adds an incredible amount of MIDI editing functionality to Cubase, all in a powerful and elegant interface in Lemur 5.

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C_brains 1. 5 is a free upgrade for existing users.
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Transformation Panels

Use the Transformation Panels to modify selected MIDI events. For those who prefer a cleaner look, the Transformation Panels now come in 2 styles: Glass and Flat.

CC / PGM #-#
Convert one CC or program change message into another.

Vel / CC / PB %
Increment velocities/CC/pitch-bend amount or set to fixed value.

Transpose or copy-transpose notes by interval.

Nudge MIDI or trim note starts/ends by grid, 10 ticks, or 1 frame.

The Selector

The Selector allows you to search for and manipulate MIDI data based on its properties— for example, delete notes within a range, select notes that fall rhythmically on a certain beat, mute a specific CC#, or filter a specific channel.

You can search an entire region, or within the current selection. The Selector is a powerful time-saver, making short work of tedious tasks like drum programming and score preparation.

Within the current selection, select notes between D#0 and C3.

Within the current selection, select the 5th sixteenth note in every bar.

In the entire region, select CC11.

The Selector also includes convenient post-selection actions.

The Selector can be zoomed full screen.

Control Bar

A contextual menu with rapid access to a variety of important MIDI editing actions such as grid, snapping, quantize, humanize, and channel assignment.

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Utility Buttons

210 Utility Buttons for sending DAW key commands. Assign them to the commands you use most or create dedicated sets of commands for different workflows. Each button can send up to 5 MIDI messages– layer commands to create custom macros. Assign favorites to one of the 6 slots at the bottom of the interface.

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  • Send any combination of note, CC, or program change messages.
  • Send on any Lemur target or MIDI channel.
  • Move Mode for moving Utility Buttons into different slots.
  • Custom colors.


A resizeable and moveable popup container for custom controls such as MIDI Kinetics’ transport module for Lemur, MK Transport1.

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