Composer Tools Pro

System Requirements

DAW/OS Compatibility

Cubase 6.5 - 11.5El Capitan - Monterey. Apple Silicon Compatible.7/8/10iOS 8 or later4.2 or later
Logic Pro X 10.2 or laterEl Capitan - Monterey. Apple Silicon Compatible.7/8/10iOS 8 or later4.2 or later
Pro Tools 11El Capitan - High Sierra. 7/8/10iOS 8 or later4.2 or later
Digital Performer 8-10El Capitan - Big Sur. Apple Silicon Compatible.7/8/10iOS 8 or later4.2 or later

Software Requirements

All MIDI Kinetics controllers are add-ons for Lemur, and require the Lemur app to run. Lemur is available for purchase on the iOS/Android App Stores. Please see the iOS/Android requirements for Lemur.

MIDI Kinetics’ free license manager software. You can download and see the MK Connect macOS/Windows requirements: here.

All MK products come with 2 licenses.

Hardware Requirements


minimum: iPad 2 / iPad Mini 2 or newer
recommended: iPad Air / iPad Mini 2 or newer


Android devices should be at least as powerful as the recommended iOS device. However, please note that due to the wide variety of Android devices, we do not guarantee compatibility. Find out more.

MIDI Connection Requirements

MIDI Port Usage:

1 MIDI connection to your DAW
1 MIDI connection to MK Connect*

*All MIDI Kinetics products can share 1 connection to MK Connect when used on a single tablet

Lemur Project Requirements

Memory Usage:

52% (256 presets)
+11% for each additional 256 presets

Cross-Product Compatibility and Memory Limits

This table shows the maximum number of presets that Composer Tools Pro can have when used in combination with other MK products. If a table entry shows Incompatible, these products cannot be installed together.

Please note that these values may change with future software updates.

iPad Pro (12.9" & 9.7")1280768512256
iPad Air 21280768512256
iPad Air1280768512256
iPad 41280768512256
iPad 31280768IncompatibleIncompatible
iPad 21280512IncompatibleIncompatible
iPad Mini 412801024512256
iPad Mini 312801024512256
iPad Mini 212801024512256