MKConnect for macOS/Windows facilitates additional communications with our apps, such as communication with our DAW plugins and license key servers. It is free to download.


MKConnect macOS
macOS El-Capitan – Monterey
Intel/Apple Silicon

MKConnect Windows
Windows 10/11

License Key Authorization

In addition to facilitating communication with our DAW plugins, MKConnect provides software license key distribution. It uses MIDI codes to validate your software licenses by sending them from your workstation to your tablet.

With each purchase you get 2 licenses, allowing you to authorize 2 computers at any given time.

You can authorize or deauthorize a computer whenever you want.

If you ever need a license key reset, contact us and we will gladly reset them for you.

Have multiple MK products?

They can share the same MIDI connection.

Or, connect up to 3 tablets and split your installations.