See the MIDI coming in to Lemur.


DRM free! No MK Connect licensing required.
Just download, and use!

See MKMIDIMonitor in action!

Lemur 5 for iOS/Android. Lemur is available on the App Store/Google Play.
• 5% Lemur memory.

• Use on any size device. Drag the resize arrows to resize.
• Drag the title bar to move.
• Horizontal scrolling to see long sysex messages.
• Double tap the text area to clear all text.
• Filter by Lemur target, MIDI channel, and command type.
Supported Command Types:
Key Pressure
Control Change
Program Change
Channel Pressure
• Display options.
Print Description
Prints a user-friendly representation of the MIDI data.
i.e. CH16 Control Change 11 127
Print Bytes
Prints the raw MIDI data.
i.e. [191, 11, 127]
Bytes to Hex
The raw MIDI data will be printed in hexadecimal.
i.e. [0xBF, 0x0B, 0x7F]
Center Pitchbend
Represent pitchbend values in the commonly used range of -8192 to 8191, with 0 being center (no pitchbend). Otherwise, uses the range 0 to 16383.