Dear friends,

We are very excited to announce that MIDI Kinetics has acquired Lemur. A big thank you to Liine for this fantastic opportunity. Lemur has become an indispensable tool for so many artists.

Ahead will be a significant task to reimplement the business, so we will hold off on further announcements for now. Lemur will remain off the App Store/Google Play, and sales and support for both MIDI Kinetics products and Lemur are still officially closed until we are confident in our ability to service customers.


We realize that many people rely on Lemur and the MIDI Kinetics controllers and are eager to get their systems stable. If you currently have Lemur or any MIDI Kinetics controllers, they are stable and working and you should be able to continue to use them as you have been. However, if you get a new device you will not be able to re-download it. From the perspective of the App Store, this application no longer exists. If you rely on Lemur it is critical that you do not purchase a new device until we release.

Thank you again to all our wonderful customers and supporters, and thanks again to Liine for giving us the opportunity to carry on the name of our little blue friend.

Cheers and happy music making!

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