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Posting Guidelines and Style Guide

Fri Feb 17, 2017 1:41 am

Hello All! Welcome to the MIDI Kinetics forum!

The purpose of this forum is to share sample library presets for Composer Tools Pro. We welcome you to share your presets with others.

Before you post, however, keep in mind that there are specific rules about the types of files you can share.
If you would like to accompany your presets with additional custom config files besides Composer Tools Pro preset banks, be sure to read this section carefully:


File Restrictions


Custom configuration files are OK to post so long as:

1. You are the owner and author of those files.
2. They do not infringe on copyright or break the terms of any EULA.

Examples of such files are custom Kontakt .NKI files (the .NKI files ONLY-- no sample content), custom Vienna Instruments presets, Expression Maps, DAW templates, custom Lemur modules (.jzlibs), etc. Such files are your personal “save files”. Their authorship belongs to you and you may do with them as you wish, however make sure that these files do not contain any copyright material. If you are unsure, contact the developer.


Posting copyright materials which you have not authored or do not legally own is strictly prohibited. Such materials include (but are not limited to):

1. Sample content.
2. Software applications.
3. 3rd party plugins.
4. 3rd party scripts.
5. 3rd party graphics or images.

If you are unsure, please contact the developer.


Style Guidleines for Creating Composer Tools Pro Presets

The following guidelines are merely suggestions and not meant to be authoritative. Everyone has their own way of doing things and we strongly encourage different viewpoints! Some composers like to keep their presets true to the developer’s intentions, and others prefer to re-label and re-organize everything to follow strict “notational correctness”. All approaches are useful in different ways.


Use standard English title capitalization rules. Do not use all caps (capital letters take up more space).


• Recommended: Orchestral Tools Berlin Brass Horn 1

Punctuation and Special Symbols

Punctuation and special symbols are not necessary and take up space.


• Not Recommended: Stacc.
• Recommended: Stacc

Directory Settings

• Don’t forget to assign directory search tags for developer and instrument. If you’ve added a new developer to the list, don’t worry- the other user’s version of Composer Tools Pro will learn the new name.

• As a courtesy, un-assign favorites, and disable recall and user space assignments before uploading. This is easily done using Multi-Edit Attributes. Don’t forget to save before you do this or you will delete your own settings!

1. In the directory, press Multi-Edit.
2. Select the presets you want to edit, then press Attributes.
3. Select Directory, then Directory Settings…
4. Disable Recall, User Space, and Auto-Scroll User Space. You can tell these are disabled if they say “Unassigned”.
5. Press Next…
6. Select Recall, User Space, and Auto-Scroll User Space.
7. Hit Apply (ignore the warning about applying all to the same recall).

Preset Titles

Preset titles should ideally contain 3 pieces of information:

1. Name of the developer.
2. Name of the instrument/patch.
3. Name of the sample library collection/edition.


• VSL Flute 1 Standard
• Spitfire Albion One Strings
• 8dio Claire English Horn
• EastWest Hollywood Strings 1st Violins Sus KS
• Cinesamples Cinebrass Trumpet Solo True Legato

Default Values

Assign default values to everything. Other users can use Multi-Edit to delete them later.

• If two controllers are assigned to the same CC, be careful that you don’t assign different default values to both.
• It’s recommended to use the default CC values that the developer uses.
• Sustain is a great choice for a default keyswitch.

Controller Labels

1. There is no need to label controllers with their CC assignments- the assignments are already visible.

• Not Recommended: Dynamics (CC1)
• Recommended: Dynamics

2. Label Multiballs in the order x, y. For example, if the x-axis is assigned to Vibrato, and the y-axis is assigned to Dynamics use Vib/Dyn.

Keyswitch Labels:

Some points to keep in mind:

• Full names of keyswitches are preferred, however consider that many musical symbols have widely recognized abbreviations (Pizz, Spicc).
• Consider that some people may be using smaller tablets. The black keys have the least amount of space for labels.
• Consider that some people may prefer piano layout vs pads layout.


Here is the recommended way to abbreviate musical intervals.

• P1, mi2, MA2, mi3, MA3, P4, TT, P5, mi6, MA6, mi7, MA7, P8

If you are looking for a way to abbreviate a word, here is a somewhat arbitrary, incomplete list of abbreviations. These were created using a few simple rules- rules that were loosely enforced, and without consistency. Each will fit neatly on a black key.

• Accelerando: Accel
• Alternate: Alt
• Arpeggio: Arp
• Bartok Pizz: Snap Pizz
• Beats Per Minute: BPM
• Bisbigliando: Bisb
• Con Sordino: Con Sord
• Col Legno Battuto: Col Legno
• Crescendo: Cresc
• Crossfade: XF
• Dynamics: Dyn
• Decrescendo: Decresc
• Detache: Detache
• Effect: FX
• Fast: Fast
• Finger: Fing
• Flageolette: Flag
• Flatter: Flatter
• Flautando: Flaut
• Flutter: Flutter
• Fortepiano: fp
• Glissando: Gliss
• Grace Note: Grace
• Harmonics: Harm
• Legato: Leg
• Long: Long
• Marcato: Marcato
• Medium: Medium
• Normal: Normal
• Octave: 8ve
• Pizzicato: Pizz
• Progressive: Prog
• Pres de la table: PDLT
• Portamento: Port
• Portato: Portato (To distinguish from Portamento)
• Tremolo: Trem
• Repetitions: Reps
• Performance: Perf
• Seconds: s (as in 1 second = 1s)
• Sforzando: sfz
• Sforzatissimo: sffz
• Short: Short
• Slow: Slow
• Spiccato: Spicc
• Staccato: Stacc
• Strong: Strong
• Staccatissimo: This is a tough one with no clear winner. Consider “Short Stacc”.
• Sul Ponticello: Sul Pont
• Sul Tasto: Sul Tasto
• Sustain: Sus
• Velocity: Vel
• Vibrato: Vib
• Zigane: Zig
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