Introducing MKRecallSend in AAX, VST2, and VST3 plugin formats.

Our newest plugin, MKRecallSend, brings Composer Tools Pro support to Pro Tools, and greatly simplifies the process of setting up recall in DP. MKRecallSend communicates directly with MKConnect, broadcasting the recall message at light speed to all connected tablets running Composer Tools Pro.

It’s very easy to set up:

Digital Performer
Pro Tools

MKRecallTrigger Updated to v1.1.0

Cubase users can now also take advantage of MKConnect’s new ability to talk to our plugins: MKRecallTrigger v1.1.0 no longer requires you to sacrifice an additional Lemur target and MIDI port just to use recall on instrument tracks. See how it works.

MKConnect macOS minimum version increased to El Capitan (10.11)

Composer Tools Pro updated to v1.1.12

All new toys require the latest version of Composer Tools Pro and MKConnect.
You can always download the latest versions of your software from your account.

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