Cubase 12 brought major new changes to their MIDI functionality with the new MIDI Remote, whicch offers fantastic new opportunities for integrating touchscreens into Cubase. As this is new and evolving technology, we will continue to work to integrate our controllers with this new framework.

Here is the latest compatibility news:

May 6, 2022:

C_brains 1.6.4 is available for download in your user account, adding support for Cubase 12’s new MIDI Remote. Detailed installation and upgrade instructions to come, but for now please follow the directions in Cubase’s official documentation:…/midi_remote/midi_remote_c.html

For Composer Tools Pro/MK Transport users, compatibility is still being investigated. Check back for updates regarding news.

March 24, 2022:

All products are compatible using the existing Generic Remote functionality. Please monitor this post for upcoming compatibility information for MIDI Remote integration.

If you discover a bug please report it via the support page including steps to reproduce.

Happy music making!
MIDI Kinetics